Monday, February 20, 2012

feeling thrifty

The land of "just the shoes I was looking for" at a price point of $5 or less.  So, both last year and this year, I found myself in need of some fun closed toe shoes for work.  In both situations, I dropped into Goodwill with hope, but mid-level expectations.  And in both situations, I walked out with cute shoes in hand.
 Last year, the black and white pair cost me a whopping $4.99, didn't hurt my feet after three days and have become one of my favorite pairs of heels ever.
This year, I found the brown pair and they were a perfect match for my needs.  Though I don't love them quite as much as the others, I found them on a day they were 50% off and after handing the cashier $2.50, they became mine.

I guess you could say that the thrift store is a shoe in for my business in situations like this.  Bahaha.

TOTAL SAVED: $2.49 (and so much more when retail is considered)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Time for a little recap of the month. 
This project got off to a bit of a disorganized start.  I really didn't do much in the way of comparing ads and coupons.  I also didn't put much effort into keeping track of savings (some receipts aren't very helpful) and my shopping trips were a bit random. Honestly, I haven't even organized my coupons yet! 
Despite my lack of organization and focus, a lot of positive things happened. 
1. I maintained a healthy food budget.
2. I got back into the habit of being more aware of what I am buying.
3. I got back into the habit of using coupons.
4. I ate out a few times and didn't feel guilty about it.
5. I saved money!

In addition to the specific instances I mentioned this month, I saved another $13.00 (and it may have been more) on various items with both coupons and sales. 
And now (this is the fun part) we total up Januarys savings: