Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Another month gone by that I really haven't been as efficient with coupons as I would like to be.  However, I am getting more and more organized with it and am consistently saving money every month!
Something that I definitely want to highlight this month: in-store coupons at Fred Meyer.
They have golded colored coupons hanging all over there store, so if you shop at Freddy's, keep your eyes out for those!  With those coupons alone, I saved:
$2.00 on vegetable and flower seeds
$3.00 on Almay eyeliner
almost $9 on socks
That's almost $14.00 saved through store coupons for things on my list.  Go for the gold, shoppers!  I do have to note, however, that the normal price on the eyeliner runs about 1.50 more at Fred Meyer than at Target.  Still, it was a savings.
Moving along into more and more money saved I go...


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